About Us

Our Programs

Richmond Prep operates in four main divisions. A maximum number of 15 students are enrolled at each grade level in the school.

Ascent Pre-School (for children three and four years old)

Ascent Pre-School is designed to give children the perfect boost they need to successfully transition into elementary school. The program provides students with excellent foundations for early literacy and problem solving with number skills.

Highlights of the Ascent Pre-School Program Include: 

  • Reading instruction based on an award winning phonetic approach. 
  • Handwriting / penmanship development.
  • Extra-curricular activities including dance, fitness and athletic skill building.

Students in Ascent learn in a very unique and fun environment designed to feel like an extension of the home. Our children are motivated everyday by positive reinforcement, love and high expectations!



The Elementary Academy (Grades K5 - 5)

The Elementary Academy at Richmond Prep is built to provide students with academic rigor, high structure, strong character development with an emphasis on independent and critical thinking skills. 

The accelerated curriculum provides students with a strong background in literacy and language arts and places particular focus on reading critically for independent learning. The core curriculum is augmented by a robust program in the arts, cultural enrichment opportunities, and engagement with technology.

Students participate in chorus, music theory, dance and visual art instruction. They also explore our unique relationships with museums and cultural organizations around the Richmond metro area.



The Douglass School (Grades 6-8)

The Douglass School's rigorous environment consists of a challenging academic program, character development, rich arts and cultural programs, with additional emphasis placed on service throughout the Richmond metro area. The entire regimen of instruction and activity has been crafted to provide our young men and women with a basis for strong character, a zeal for scholarship and a heart for service.

The city of Richmond, itself, is a learning laboratory for students in Douglass School. The boys and girls work in unique environments, enjoy inspiring experiences and discover how what they learn is relevant to the professional world. This exciting approach to teaching and learning is designed to inspire students to think more broadly about the prospects of their futures.



Summer @ Richmond Prep (students ages 3 - 13)

Summer @ Richmond Prep provides students with a fun and enriching summer experience. Each year the summer programming is themed to spark imagination and interest. Boys and girls enjoy fun activities like swimming and weekly field trips, while also participating in skill building activities and projects to keep them on their toes for the regular academic school year. 

Summer @ Richmond Prep is open to students who attend Richmond Prep and other schools as well.