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Student Code of Conduct

As we grow together in Christian community, we strive with God's help, to cultivate habits and behaviors that honor God, show respect for one another and support a positive learning environment. Richmond Prep's standards flow from principles given to people in God's Word. Consequently, we believe these standards are valid for Richmond Prep students at all times and in all places, not just during school hours. Students, faculty and administration are asked to subscribe annually to these standards.

Richmond Prep Community Member Expectations

Honoring God 

I will honor God by striving to serve Him, pursuing deeper knowledge about His nature and kingdom, and participating in the spiritual life of the school. I will use God's name carefully.

Honoring Teachers 

I will show respect for my teachers by giving them my attention, constructively participating in class, and following their directions. I will pursue excellence in all I do, faithfully meeting my obligations and completing my assignments to the best of my ability. I will tell the truth. In my academic work I will not cheat or turn in another person's work calling it my own. I will not copy and plagiarize information from the internet or any other source.

Honoring Myself 

I will show respect for my body by taking care of it in the following ways: 

  1. I will not smoke or drink alcohol while I am under age. I will not use illegal drugs.
  2. I will uphold biblical standards of morality concerning sexual activity. I will work to understand how to apply the Bible's teaching about sexual behavior to my own life and then prayerfully attempt to obey this teaching. I will not participate in public displays of affection at any school events.

Honoring Other Students 

I will treat fellow students with respect and kindness looking out for their welfare as much as my own.

I will: 

  • Compliment and affirm
  • Respect others' personal space
  • Respect others' possessions 
  • Take my concerns or problems to the source
  • Include others in what I am doing
  • Take responsibility for my own actions
  • Stop rumors with truth
  • Be honest in my words and actions
  • Do what is just
  • Show mercy and kindness
  • Forgive Others
  • Love one another

I will not:

  • Tease, provoke, threaten, bully or name call
  • Engage in any inappropriate or unsolicited physical contact
  • Throw anything inside the school at any time
  • Send or receive inappropriate emails, posts, texts or snap chats
  • Gossip or spread rumors
  • Exclude my peers
  • Blame someone for something I did
  • Cheat
  • Make nasty gestures or suggestions
  • Verbally abuse
  • Be rude, arrogant or defiant
  • Pull unkind pranks
  • Set up or be a part of cliques, packs or exclusive clubs